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Micro Starlight:
 $12.95    LE-02
Skill Level:
Length: 8.75 "
Diameter: .448"
Weight: 9.0 grams
Approx Altitude:
100 ft
As with all of our Micro Classics™, these kits feature precision laser cut basswood fins, hard fiber centering rings, white kraft body tubes with a glassine outer wrap and machined balsawood nose cone.

The Micro Starlight is a great flyer with all the style and flight characteristics of a larger model but with the added benefits that come from a Micro Maxx™ powered rocket, smaller launch site, lower cost per flight and lower altitude which means you may be able to fly your Micro Classics™ on days that the weather won’t permit larger flights.

All you will need in addition to your regular ground support and lunch supplies is a smaller launch rod like our GS-0001 Launch rod and adapter.  We also offer complete Micro Classics™ launch sets.

The Micro Starlight is rated Skill Level Three.  We recommend that the builder have some previous model rocket experience due to the smaller parts of a Micro Classics™.

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