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Moon Glo
Model #KT-KV82

Skill Level 1:
Skill Level 1 kits are the easiest to build and the perfect choice for beginners that are new to model rocketry.

Recovery Medthod: Bright colored streamer

Length: 9.0
Diameter: 736
Weight: 0.4 oz (11.3 g)

Approx Altitude: 600 to 1000 feet

Compatible Motors: A8-5 and B6-6


The MOON GLO  was released in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Rocket Development Corporation, Utah.  MOON GLO  was designed by Irv Wait in 1961. It was their first model rocket kit and like many of Irv's other creations and inventions, broke the mold for how model rocketry was supposed to be. The larger-than-life fins and zany nose cone made the Moon Glo a popular kit at RDC.

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