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Mini Max
Model #KT-2445

Skill Level 1:
Skill Level 1 kits are the easiest to build and the perfect choice for beginners that are new to model rocketry.

Recovery Medthod: Streamer

Length: 9.75
Diameter: .98
Weight: 1.3oz

Approx Altitude: 300'

Compatible Motors: 1/2A3-2T, 1/2A3-4T, A3-4T, A10-3T


Since the Der Red Max is so extremely popular, Estes created another smash hit with a smaller version of the Estes classic. Just like the Der Red Max, the Mini Max is uniquely designed. It has the same ballistic shaped nose cone and stubby fins as its bigger counterpart. Standing almost 10 " tall, this miniature version definitely has a personality all its own. Powered by Estes mini engines, it can reach amazing heights of 400 ' . After its aerial assault, recovery is accomplished with a high-viz streamer. This Skill Level 1 kit is great for beginners. You'll need construction tools, finishing supplies and Estes launch supplies, all sold separately.

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