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Exocet AM.39
Model #KT-K041

Skill Level 2:
Skill Level 2 kits are the easy to build but tend to be more complex. They are recommended for people who have some previous building experience.

Recovery Medthod: Parachute

Length: 35
Diameter: 2.6
Weight: 15oz

Approx Altitude: Up to 1500ft!

Compatible Motors: D12-5, E15-4


The EXOCET family was originally designed as ship-launched missiles, but the air-launch potential was immediately recognized and development began. The first air-launched EXOCET was designated AM.38, and was nearly identical to the ship-fired MM.38 missile. This was test fired from helicopters, but the need for faster, longer-range delivery was obvious. Changes were then made to the airframe, wings, and fins to facilitate carrying by jet fighters at supersonic speeds. A new propulsion system and an improved target seeker were added, and the new missile was then designated AM.39, the version we offer in kit format.

Our Aerospatiale EXOCET AM.39 is a painstakingly designed 1/5.30 scale replica of this important French anti-ship missile. It uses a single "D" or "E" motor to achieve its long-range flights, and returns by an 18" diameter parachute for its next mission.

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