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Harm AGM-88A
Model #KT-K016

Skill Level 3:
Skill Level 3 kits have a more complex design and require more time and patience. They aren't too hard but they are challenging. If you've built rockets before you'll enjoy these.

Recovery Medthod: Parachute

Length: 42.75
Diameter: 2.6
Weight: 15oz

Approx Altitude: Up to 1500ft!

Compatible Motors: D12-3, E15-4, E30-7, RMS E18-4, RMS F24-4


The Vietnam-era Shrike (AGM-45), based on the Sparrow airframe, was designed to lock onto and knock out enemy radar at surface-to-air missile sites, but did only a mediocre job. Shrike was easily confused, and tended to lose the target lock after firing. To correct some of Shrike’s shortcomings, the Standard AGM-78 (also in this catalog) was developed. While more efficient than Shrike, this larger and faster missile still had operational problems of its own. The HARM AGM-88A combines the sensitivity and range of the Standard with the low cost and versatility of Shrike, and adds blinding speed (over Mach 2) to close with the target after firing before the enemy radar can be switched off or take other action. HARM has proved extremely useful and effective in taking out radar installations during the Persian Gulf War, and again in Yugoslavia.The Launch Pad’s HARM missile is done in accurate 1/3.846 scale, standing almost 43 inches tall! Ready for "F" power, or Black Powder "D" motors for smaller fields. As with all The Launch Pad’s kits, HARM requires a 3/16" diameter launch rod at least three feet long for safe launches. This kit uses our unique 18" by 30" oblong Mylar parachute for a safe recovery. Build a piece of military history!

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