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Model #KT-K031

Skill Level 5:
Skill Level 5 kits are the most challenging to build. They require building techniques that are more complex than other kits. They have intricate paint patterns and typically contain the most complex assemblies. These kits take a considerable amount of time to assemble, but your effort will produce extraordinary results.

Recovery Medthod: Parachute

Length: 36.25
Diameter: 2.6
Weight: 15oz

Approx Altitude: Up to 1500ft!

Compatible Motors: E30-4, RMS E18-4, RMS F24-4


his is the first supersonic anti-ship missile to arm tactical aircraft. Comparable to the ANS missile developed jointly by France and Germany, "Krypton" employs a solid fuel booster for initial thrust. Once at speed, the ramjets take over. One version has four individual ramjets spaced evenly around the outside of the airframe. This version, the Kh-31A, ducts the ramjet intakes into an internal combustion chamber. "Krypton" is an air-to-surface missile, carried by both Su-17M4s and Su-24Ms. However, an air-to-air, anti-radar version, designed for use against AWACS and similar aircraft, is also being developed.

Here’s a challenge for the most experienced model builder. The "Krypton" model features three-piece fairings for the four ramjet inlet tubes, with realistic inlet nozzles. Recovery is by our unique 18" by 30" oblong Mylar parachute. Designed for 24mm "E" and "F" motors, this is a distinguished and classy up-to-the-minute addition to any rocket fleet.

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