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Image of the Phantom night flight equipped model rocket kit, skill level five.  
 $69.95   LE-20
Skill Level:
 18" Nylon Parachute
Length: 24.00 in.
Diameter: 1.64 in.
Weight: 5.7 oz.
Approx Altitude:
300 to 1800 feet (depending on motor choice)
See list below


The Phantom is our first Night Flight Equipped kit to feature a dual 18mm motor cluster. The dual motor design offers much more flexibility with motor choices and redundancy with parachute deployment. Living up to our Night Flight Equipped standard, the Phantom has 10 super bright LEDs that are controlled by an onboard micro electronic module. In keeping with the ghoulish styling of the Phantom we have chosen a purple and green LED combination. Additional features of Phantom include a payload bay perfect for ghoulish experiments, laser cut basswood fins, centering rings and body tubes, precision machined balsa wood nose cone and a nylon parachute. The Phantom is sure to get your friends screaming at the next night launch.

The Phantom is a skill level 5 kit. Skill level 5 kits are challenging kits to build and fly but the results can be the most rewarding. Building the Phantom will take more time than a typical model rocket since you are actually building a model rocket and electronic system all in one. In addition to basic construction and painting techniques you would use on a standard model rocket, you will also be making electrical connections with solder.

In addition to the items included in your kit, the following items are required to build your Phantom:

Hobby knife, ruler, pencil, masking tape, wood glue, 5 minute epoxy, CA glue (optional but handy), small wire cutters, small pliers, scissors, soldering iron, solder, safety glasses and paint.

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This is the side view of the Phantom model rocket
Viewof the AFT end of the Phantom model rocket This is a view of the forward end of the Phantom model rocket

Recommended Motors, requires 2 per flight:
Estes: B6-2, C6-5
Aerotech 18mm Single and Relodable D motors.

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