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 $89.95   LE-22
Skill Level:
 22" Nylon parachute
Length: 29.00"
Diameter: 3.00"
Weight: 12.5 oz.
Approx Altitude:
Depending on motor choice
29mm E, F and G

The Fireball is a very sturdy and stable traditional sport model. Equipped with a 29mm motor tube the Fire-ball is capable of flying on a wide range of motor choices. The main airframe is constructed from high quality kraft tubing with laser cut fin slots. The fins as well as the centering rings are laser cut from 1/8” aircraft grade plywood. Other key features include: a polystyrene nose cone; pre-assembled nylon parachute; a stainless steel motor retainer with hardware. Note **Decals are not included withthis kit**

The heart of this kit is a strobing high power 1 watt LED module driven by an electronic timer circuit and powered from a 3 volt lithium battery. The LED, electronic timer and battery are assembled and installed into a translucent 3" nose cone as part of the Fireball model rocket kit.

As with all of Leading Edge Rocketry kits, the Fireball is proudly made in the United States of America.

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